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ISS Cameras May Have Captured UFO; NASA Denies Cutting Live Feed Manually

This isn’t new! This week there have been reports of a sighting of an unidentified flying object in the vicinity of the International Space Station (ISS) and soon after it was spotted in the live feed, NASA allegedly cut the feed manually. However, these claims are baseless says NASA and adds that they have neither seen unidentifiable objects from ISS nor cut the live feed manually.

The whole finger-pointing ordeal started after a video [embedded below] was published on YouTube on July 9 by one YouTuber Streetcap1 – the user who is known to post such videos relentlessly to prove a point that there are aliens and that NASA and US Government are involved in an elaborate cover-up.

The YouTuber claims, as always, that a UFO – possibly an alien spacecraft – was entering Earth’s atmosphere on July 9 and that’s when the live feed from the ISS was cut. In the video it appears that the UFO is slowly descending from outer space and into Earth’s atmosphere. NASA, as always, has denied that they are involved in a cover-up and says that they do not manually control the live feed of the ISS. According to NASA, the feed from the ISS isn’t directly fed to Earth, but it comes through a space-based data relay network and while the coverage is pretty good, there are instances when there are brief outages ranging from 2 seconds to 2 minutes.

Is the UFO an alien spacecraft?

There is no straight answer to this question for we really can’t make out from the video if it were a spacecraft or something else. If we look at this issue from what we already know about common occurrences around Earth at that height – it could an asteroid that happened to enter the Earth’s atmosphere at that moment. Chances are that it could have been space junk left by previous space missions or it could even be an artifact, or a digital imperfection in the feed caused by a reflection.

While we will not know for sure what the object was, alien and UFO enthusiasts and conspiracy theorists will continue to have field days on this and such other similar sightings.

David Lintott is a freelance journalist, covering culture, sport and society. He hails from the decaying seaside town of Eastbourne, which he considers the source of his world-weariness.

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