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Be a Creep and Stalk Your Friends on Tinder with FriendSwipe

FriendSwipe is a new app that scans your Facebook account, searching friend connections, spotting who uses Tinder, bringing their full profile up, even giving you the option of swiping left or right.

Photo Credit: Tinder
Photo Credit: Tinder

If you are curious or just plain creepy, you get a chance to look through their profile, photos and bio without them knowing.

The app makes it easier to discover who out of your male and female friends uses Tinder, avoiding the awkward embarrassment when you spot them mid-swipe.

Photo Credit: Tinder
Photo Credit: Tinder

The app is available to download on iOS but it may disappear soon due to FriendSwipe using Tinder’s database for their own purposes, which goes against Tinder’s Terms of Service. So stalk away whilst you have the chance (you creep).

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