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Stiff Bull: Instant Coffee. Instant Erection.

Stiff Bull instant coffee is “made for adults who want to have longer lasting, more fulfilling sex,” containing all-natural herbs including, to tonkat ali, maka root and guarana, with results lasting two to three days.

The Relationship Saver 

Marketed as the relationship saver coffee drink that allows men to “stay harder longer,” the website says the herbs are from the jungles of Malaysia, having been used for centuries by those in Asia and South America to improve “sexual health, libido, and overall wellness.”

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What is Stiff Bull Made from?

In each packet of Stiff Bull that contains 2 servings of herbal coffee, the doses are:

  • 450mg of Tongkat Ali Root
  • 200mg of Maca Root
  • 150mg of Guarana

Each half package includes 60 calories, 4 grams of sugar, 2 grams of protein and a blend of the blends.

Criticism for Stiff Bull

Maryland-based Stiff Bull was criticized by America’s Food and Drugs Agency for the following reasons:

  • There is a hidden ingredient in the supplement that the FDA claims is a similar ingredient to Viagra. Stiff Bull has hidden this ingredient and not listed it on the packaging.
  • It could be dangerous if you are using other medications.
  • It could be dangerous to men with diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure or heart disease.

Agency Warns Consumers About Stiff Bull

This is the 34th product the agency has warned consumers about this year with a number of sex improvement products with unlisted ingredients.

Would you buy Stiff Bull, “the relationship saver,” or does hiding ingredients make you cautious?

David Lintott is a freelance journalist, covering culture, sport and society. He hails from the decaying seaside town of Eastbourne, which he considers the source of his world-weariness.

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  1. Marcello Pattarin
    November 30, 2016

    I Buy It but after 10 days i can’t see any coffe… the shipping very slow…maybe it’s all fake?
    The web site say 3 day with UPS Worldwide Express SM.
    But the send use the
    The track code say that my coffe is six day in italy, but who drink my coffe ???


    fatto una prova di acquisto dopo 10 giorni non è arrivato niente.!/~/
    il loro sito dichiara una spedizione in 3 giorni con usp.
    mentre usano la posta americana
    Il pacco è arrivato da 6 giorni in italia ma la spedizione sembra essersi fermata, a me non è arrivato nulla per il momento.
    Spedizione lenta lenta e non si sa se arriva qualche cosa ..

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