WhatsApp Features ‘Speak’ that Reads Text Messages

Photo Credit: WhatsApp

The Facebook owned messaging app, WhatsApp, has launched an update version on Android Beta that has added two features: video calls and a feature that allows messages to be read to you.


Two features including, video calls and reading messages capabilities are being tested on iOS devices. This will allow your phone to read back your WhatsApp chats for you.

The android version of WhatsApp is also being updated to include photo filters, stickers and text on photos. This rivals other messaging apps like Snapchat.

The idea is to make WhatsApp more interactive, engaging customers into adding stickers, scribbling and doodling on their messages. A selfie flash will also be introduced to phones that have a flash on the selfie camera.

Controversial Sharing of Information With Facebook

WhatsApp will share user information with Facebook users to improve directed advertising and marketing.

The new version of WhatsApp will not be available to all iOS devices, keeping it a limited version available to few models of Apple.

Nothing is certain but WhatsApp is focusing on the latest Android Beta Version, which will take time to develop.

WhatsApp, the Statistics, Figures and Trends

  • According to Crunchbase, WhatsApp Inc raised $250,000 in seed funding on October 2009
  • As of September 2015, the app has 900m active monthly users (USA Today)
  • Facebook bought WhatsApp in February 2014 for $19bn (Statista)