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KODA: the Solar-Powered House You Can Build in Four Hours

Estonian design collective Kodasema has made KODA, a moveable solar-powered house that can be put together in as little as four hours.

25-Square-Meter Home

KODA is a 25-square-meter home with an open-plan living area, with one full height window that allows natural light to pour in.

Photo Credit: Kodesema Designs
Photo Credit: Kodasema Designs

Rooftop solar panels generate energy as well as being kitted with LED lights. The home is designed with the basic necessities in mind: sewage, water, electricity but can also be used off grid for shorter periods.

A Versatile Workspace or Home

Photo Credit: Kodesema Designs
Photo Credit: Kodasema Designs

The Kodasema designers said:

“In our minds KODA can become whatever you want: a city centre home, a lakeside summer house, a cosy café, an office, workshop or studio or even a classroom.”

Photo Credit: Kodesema Designs
Photo Credit: Kodasema Designs

“Its clever design provides the inspiration to make best use of every square inch of space and envisage how the built-in components, even the walls, can be adjusted to meet their purpose most effectively.”

If you need more space you can buy another module and attach it to the side of the mobile home for an extension.

Photo Credit: Kodesema Designs
Photo Credit: Kodasema Designs

The small lounge area sits directly behind the glazing and while the bathroom, kitchen and bedroom are set towards the back, providing more privacy.

A ladder leads up to the sleeping area above the kitchen, maximising space. it even has an outside bike rack.

Photo Credit: Katus
Photo Credit: Katus

Sustainable Design

With solar panels on the roof, the KODA house saves energy and money. The following features also maximises eco-friendly design:

  • Use of smart systems
  • Thin but well-insulated walls (with a U value of 0.1 W/m²K)
  • Quadruple glazing (with a U value of 0.3 W/m²K) and
  • Innovative LED lighting and architecture (which makes maximum use of sun).

Freedom of Movement

Photo Credit: Kodasema
Photo Credit: Kodasema Designs

If you are looking for a home that can move at your heart’s desire, KODA fits the bill.

KODA is free-standing, not fixed to the ground, and its design and structure allow it to be assembled and disassembled many times over.

Dismantling and preparation for transport can take as little as four to seven hours – even less if you simply want it to face a different direction. This gives you flexibility and freedom when building and choosing locations for living.

Selling for $94,317 in Estonia

Photo Credit: Kodesema Designs
Photo Credit: Kodasema Designs

Each mobile home costs $94,317 and will be made available in Estonia later this year, with plans for global expansion if the concept proves successful.

KODA was first exhibited at the Tallinn Architecture Biannale in 2015 and has been shortlisted for the small Project Prize at the World Architecture Festival 2016.

Is this moveable solar-powered KODA house a fad or the future of housing? Would you like to live in a home that takes four hours to assemble?

David Lintott is a freelance journalist, covering culture, sport and society. He hails from the decaying seaside town of Eastbourne, which he considers the source of his world-weariness.

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