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MAILY: Connecting kids with family and friends this Christmas

In the spirit of Christmas, many people believe the holidays are the best time of the year and the perfect opportunity to spend quality time with loved ones, exchanging gifts and other pleasantries. It is the ideal time to create memories that will last forever.

As parents or adults, you have the opportunity to plan and buy gifts for friends and families, most especially kids. Imagine getting a personalised message from your kid telling you how amazing you are and how much they love you? These are the lasting moments that you will cherish for a very long time.

Let me introduce you to Maily – Maily is a safe messaging platform that connects kids from the age of 3+ with family and friends. The most important factor of this app is the high level of security it has, which assures all parents of their kid’s safety. Maily is not like any other app out there, it is fun, easy to use and definitely secure in every way.

It is simply your kids first emailing app according to, kids can get creative with messages with the supervision of their parents. If you already have kids who love playing with your phone or any other mobile device, this app is the perfect solution and it is specifically designed for them.

4 reasons why Maily is perfect for your kids:

  • Safe & Secure – You are in charge of security. You select your kids contacts and can approve every message they send and receive. This gives you total control of all activities.
  • Fun – Your kid will love it. This has fun written all over it, they will have a great time creating cool messages with writings, drawings, photos and even texting.
  • Network – Stay connected. Every new contact strengthens your kids relationship to someone they love.
  • Learning – Give your kid a head start. The educational aspect of this app gives your kid a learning advantage. Your kid develops their creativity, digital savvy, communication and social skills

As it is the Christmas season, in the spirit of giving, Maily could be the best app you could get your kids. Create amazing memories together and enjoy the very best the holidays have to offer. With great reviews and fantastic news about the app, it is a no brainer for an ideal Christmas present for the little ones. Afterall, as the saying goes, “the best things in life are free”!

David Lintott is a freelance journalist, covering culture, sport and society. He hails from the decaying seaside town of Eastbourne, which he considers the source of his world-weariness.

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