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Cool Edge is another clever marketing scam

As it turns out, Cooledge is not an AC and does not even come close to being a cooler. Its advertising and branding are misleading.

A self-contained air conditioner is not an air conditioner – it’s a heat pump. It removes heat from the air and transports it to another location, usually outside the space you want to cool.

CoolEdge is only a swamp cooler, not an air cooler or regular fan. This device can just humidify the air in a 5-inch radius around your feet.

It’s an evaporative cooler. It works with an ice tray which you have to fill with water and place in a refrigerator before putting it inside the ‘CoolEdge’ This is what it uses to blow cool air.

Readers should ask themselves if they are convinced by this product’s promises.

The first reason we are not recommending this product is that it is wrongfully advertised as an air conditioner. Other reasons include the fact it’s expensive and doesn’t offer features for the price.


This Air cooler costs close to $79, while you can find a compact swamp cooler for less.

You can buy a similar air conditioner for less than 40$ on Amazon, saving you time and money.

Cool Edge: A Clever Marketing Scam

Customers of complain that they are unable to use any customer service numbers or email addresses to contact the company. Customers are frustrated, and this does not reflect well on

We have investigated emails that have been sent by Cool Edge stating a company address of CoolEdge Co., Second 71, Lexington, Kentucky, 81923 – unfortunately we verified that this address doens’t exist.

Is cool edge a clever marketing scam?

The company we’re talking about aggressively markets products to consumers by investing in social media advertising, PPC advertising, making reviews look legitimate and other tactics.

For instance they control Google search results by buying keywords like “cool edge”, “cool edge reviews” sending traffic to sites the seller control like, free and

When you look online, products are endorsed in blogs with tons of reviews. However, there are no reviews on Google and the only thing found is created by sellers’ websites containing make-believe reviews.

It might seem like the reviews are real at first glance, though some reviews have been placed strategically on popular websites by their developers.

There are many bought reviews from unqualified blogs.

Similar products that don’t actually work

Products similar to Blaux Portable AC and Williston Force call themselves Air Conditioners, but they really don’t work the same ways. If you read reviews, you will see the dissatisfaction coming from customers.

How to avoid being ripped off by fake reviews

During our investigation we found that the positive reviews online are all fake because they were made by affiliate marketers who get paid commission for any sales they make.

The reviews on are not verifiable. So don’t make any orders from them.

Read what Cooledge customers have to say

As of now, there are no customer reviews online. This is because the majority of those who ordered this Air Cooler have yet to receive theirs. Delivery time for this product is between two to four weeks.

Why is not a legit site

When we research online, there are a lot of red flags associated with Cooledge AC. Do you know anyone that has dealt with them?

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