Feature Customers And Reward Instagram Followers For An Increased Web Traffic



You can ask your Instagram followers to participate in a photo contest, or simply ask them to follow you on Instagram and then post photos that are relevant to your product or business. This will surely create greater engagement and interest making them drive to your website. This will raise the number of footfalls in your site which will help you to enhance the chances of creating a larger business and sales prospect.

However, if you want to make the best use of this platform you will need to make sure that you post on a regular basis. In addition to that you must also make sure that just like any other social media platform, you post more engaging content.

It is also required for you to consider creating a contest. This is not only a great way to influence engagement but it is also a great way to remind your Instagram followers as to why they should follow your brand.

Ideally, when you consider all social media channels, Instagram is probably the most effective and useful platform to use for gaining the desired results from your social media campaigns. In this platform, you can post or even ask your users to post pictures that involves anything and everything from:

  • A person
  • Your product
  • A specific place and more.

If you wish to engage your users in posting such pictures, make sure that you reward them with a discount and if you are holding a contest of photo posting select and reward the winner with a gift card. You may also reward your Instagram followers with a promo code but make sure that it is useful for them at all times.

All these will raise the traffic count to your site even more in the process.However, select the winners according to a few specific parameters such as:

  • The appropriateness to the theme
  • The originality
  • The creative sense and
  • The technique.

You may also go a step ahead and provide them with new merchandise that you wish to launch soon. This will make the winner feel more valued being the first one to use it ahead of the other users in general.

These contests are in fact great ways in which you can get more Instagram followers as well as increase the level of engagement with your brand among your current Instagram followers.

Rewarding your followers

While posting your pictures it is crucial that you think about something valuable or interesting that will grab the attention of your audience, both target and beyond. If the users find that your pictures are interesting it will make them coming back for more. If they want more information about your product, you can ask them to visit your website for that matter. For this you will need to:

  • Include a clear and relevant link that will take them to the landing page of your site and a
  • Noticeable and compelling Call to Action that will make them do exactly what you want.

Always make it a point that you reward your followers for looking at your pictures or reading at the descriptions. This for some companies can be a contest and for others, it can be including a discount or a promo code.

If you have a large number of Instagram followers then posting pictures frequently of your product will help you to keep your audience highly engaged. This will be all the more effective when you include promotional codes in some of your posts and will keep your follower numbers high.

When you have more engaged followers, they will post their comments and likes on each picture that will help you to reach to thousands of other followers.

What your audience wants

You will need to know first what are those things that your target audience wants so that you can deliver them with exactly that. This will ensure that your audience is and stays engaged by using that insight.  More often than not this approach has proved to be the best and most effective way for the businesses to:

  • Retain their followers on different other social media platforms
  • Keep them more excited and engaged and
  • Apply the same business marketing concept as the most successful and professional business marketers suggest.

  You will need to use the same concept as you use for other social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter in order to gain the best results from Instagram.

  • Consider first all those things that you know about your audience. It can be their demographics such as their age, location, sex, and others or
  • The things that are they interested in and looking for to keep them more engaged to your site.

When you have these insights, you will find it much easier to put all these things together just as the users want. You may use an editorial calendar for Instagram to make sure that you post the right thing at the right time. This editorial calendar will prove to be extremely helpful to maintain a consistent content and therefore this happens to be the most important thing that you should have in hand.

However, before you post a picture or add a promo code to your Instagram or social media marketing campaigns, you must think about whether those are relevant for your business and useful to your audience. Once you find that, you should think of more creative and unique ways to share these on this visual platform.

Feature your users

When you have a proper strategy in place it will not only ensure that your Instagram followers appreciate your pictures and codes but the platform itself will follow the most creative way to give these away by using its important and useful features.

When you feature your customers, you will be able to create a friendly face on social media as well as gain more traffic.

Therefore, making the best use of the Instagram platform will make the page of a company the greatest advocate of their product.