Ukraine Invasion Could Cause Global Food Crisis

Russia's invasion of Ukraine could soon cause a global food crisis that may last for years, the UN has warned.

War in Ukraine: “There are no Nazis there”

We are sitting at a table in a Jewish community center in Uman, a city slightly west of the center of Ukraine.

What Might Happen to Ukraine’s Azovstal Prisoners of War?

About 1,000 Ukrainian fighters at the Azovstal plant in Mariupol left their positions, according to the Russian Defense Ministry.

Russian Hacking Cartel Attacks Costa Rican Government Agencies

A Russian hacking cartel carried out an extraordinary cyberattack against the government of Costa Rica, crippling tax collection and export.

Barnette Finds a Following at a Conservative Forum

Ms. Barnette has been climbing in the polls against two big-spending rivals, Dr. Mehmet Oz and David McCormick, in Pennsylvania’s Republican Senate primary.

January 6th Group Summons 5 Republicans

The leaders of the House committee investigating the Capitol attack demanded testimony from Representative Kevin McCarthy, the minority leader, and four of his colleagues.

U.S. Senator From Maryland Suffers ‘Minor Stroke’

Chris Van Hollen, a Democrat, said in a statement that there were “no long-term effects or damage,” but that he would be under observation for a few days.

For Democratic Female Governors, the Roe Leak Alters the Midterm Calculus

As the constitutional right to an abortion hangs in the balance, Democratic women who occupy or are vying for governors’ mansions are on the front lines of the messaging fight.

House of Representatives Plans to Vote to Ease the Crisis

Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the House of Representatives will take steps to provide regulatory relief and funds to support the supply of infant formula.

In Pennsylvania, a Hard-Right Candidate’s Star Rises

Donald Trump says she can’t win in November, but Kathy Barnette is pressing toward Tuesday’s voting. “They’re coming out with long knives at this point,” she said.