Social Distribution Advanced Package



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    SEO News Distribution Optimise your press release and reach a wider audience by getting your story to appear on major news websites and key search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. Include keyword tags and subject categories to achieve the greatest possible visibility on search engines and instantly enhance your story’s potential audience, your search engine rankings and brand visibility in a single stroke.

    Connect with Key Influencers We will promote your article on social media platforms, targeting the right influencers Reach out to journalists, analysts, and key social media influencers who have recently written about the topics you’re passionate about. Getting your message heard means having to move fast. Shave hours off qualifying your media list by building validation criteria’s into your journalist search. Feed the coverage your brand gets directly into your website and branded newsletters. Schedule coverage summaries and dashboard digests to be delivered by email to key stakeholders.

    Reporting We will send you a report at the end of the campaign with key stats on how your stories performed
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